New York City: My Muse

There is an exciting feel about the way that New York City moves. As soon as I step outside, I feel invigorated. I feel inspired to do something great with my life. It is, perhaps, the greatest single thing this city has to offer – inspiration. It is a place where everyone strives to become better. And the truth is, you can’t help it. You can’t survive here if you aren’t at your very best, and then some. New York has an immeasurable amount of gifts, but the one I’m most thankful for comes from within me.

This city is my muse.



Dear Tourist

If at any point you find yourself thinking that New Yorkers are angry and mean, make sure to check if:

1) You and your entire family are blocking the entire sidewalk

2) …and walking slower than Ben Stein speaks. “Bueller. Bueller.”

3) …in front of a Subway entrance

4) …while pointing your finger in front of my face at the NYPD for your husband to take a picture.

Yes, dear Tourist.

It’s you.