When I Walk Outside

The weather is very familiar. For the first time in ten years, I was reminded of the weather in St. Petersburg. I remember walking my little cousin to school in the early mornings of Russia’s January. It was dark and windy and cold. And oh, there was so much snow. In fact, I got lost one time on the way back. It was pitch black, but I could still somehow see the snow swirling on the ground. Or maybe I didn’t see it; only felt it.

Tonight’s a lot like that, and it brings back good memories 🙂 miserable as this weather is.

The New Year in New York City

The New Yorker’s guide to New Year’s Eve:

1) Stay either south of 35th street or north of 59th street at all costs.

2) Be in Brooklyn, if possible, when the clock strikes midnight – preferably someplace with a view of the fireworks.

3) Catch a cab across the bridge and end up at Spring Lounge, where all dreams come true.


I stood outside of my apartment yesterday and enjoyed the view of the Williamsburg Bridge with the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline. The ground was covered with snow and I drank hot tea as I thought, “I am really going to miss this place.”

Time to bundle the hell up!

Time to bundle the hell up!

’tis the season to be jolly and find a new apartment, unfortunately. The last time I looked for an apartment in New York City I ended up moving to Los Angeles. It was a bit too west for me, and even though Greenwich is nice I think this time I’ll stick to the east side. The Lower East Side, to be more specific. It’s a wonderful neighborhood and they have the best Mexican food in New York – even if that’s not saying much. Oh, speaking of which!! I found an amazing nacho place in East Village. I haven’t tried their burritos yet, but that’s the next thing. The nachos just looked so damn good, they begged to be eaten. The jury’s still out on their burritos, but for now I’m hopeful that I’ve finally found Mexican food comparable to California.

In other news, I got a raise at work and a sweet bonus 🙂 so at least I might be able to afford a nice place! A very nice welcome back after a 16-day break.

And I translated another one of Pushkin’s masterpieces 🙂

The Best Burrito in Williamsburg

Turns out, it’s closer than I thought – my kitchen!!!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve put my money and effort where my mouth is and made myself an epic burrito. And it was damn good! The hardest part was making the pico de gallo. Actually, I take that back – that was merely the longest part. Wrapping the damn thing was the toughest part. Took me like 10 tries. Had to youtube it and everything.

Pretty darn satisfied right now 🙂 that was my best burrito since Cali. I hope it gets even better from here!