One Day

For a single, wonderful day my mom came to visit New York City 🙂



I had to work for an hour so we went to The Den and enjoyed some Stumptown Coffee.

I had to work for an hour so we went to The Den and enjoyed some Stumptown Coffee.

Things like that should happen more often.

As it turns out…

Nash is coming to New York on Wednesday (from San Francisco).

Dan is coming to New York on Thursday (from New Orleans).

Justin is coming to New York on Friday morning (from Mountain View).

Kevin is coming to New York on Friday evening (from Los Angeles).

Ryan will join us on Friday night (from God-knows-where New York State).


If anyone’s counting, those are all my college room mates in the same place at once. All my best friends will be here. And it will be epic.

Also, I was watching a BuzzFeed video when the impossible happened. You’ll know it when you get there.


For anyone that is lucky enough to have seen The Beatles – Love by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, this will bring those awesome images back with goosebumps.

For those that aren’t as lucky, the album is still pretty awesome.

Really wish I can go back and re-live the show. It still plays at the Mirage in Las Vegas.

Pink Floyd

So, word on the street is that Pink Floyd is releasing an album in, oh, 48 days.


For those of you that don’t know, that is my all-time favorite band. I’m trying not to get too excited – it’s all instrumental and, well, they’re fucking old. But it’ll be great to listen to something new and familiar.

Edge of Eternity

I know I still haven’t gotten to the writing, but I hope for now you won’t hate me if I just share little pieces of my life.

1) The work digs.

photo 3

Now, xAd requires a selfie for the website. This isn’t the one I used, but it makes me feel like less of an asshole for this drunken office selfie here. Laugh. See if I care!!!!

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

Honestly, I can’t complain. Sure, I stay late sometimes. Mostly it’s because I just want to learn. The people are great, and the work is fun. So much free food and anything else you really want during a given weekday (or weekend if you fancy coming in and getting a beer!) My day goes like this:

I wake up.

I go on a run.

I get some Stumptown coffee across the street.

I have breakfast.

I bike either to work or to the L train, depending on my mood.

I take the ‘burg bridge to LES and all the way up to 401 Park Avenue South and then I work!! or…

I take the L to the Uptown 6 and then I work!

That’s about the only part of my day that’s fixed. The rest is really anyone’s guess 🙂

2) Ok, so this might be a bit mean, but this guy was definitely somehow asking for it.

Seen on the L train (at 430 AM):

photo 4

3) And now, for the big news. I’ve been awaiting this day for 2 years. And it’s HEEEERRREEEEEE!!!! I really hope it’s good.

photo 1

Century Trilogy nearly complete.

That’s about it for today.

P.S.: it rained this morning and it was glorious. Autumn!!!!