I’m working on something big, you guys. So hopefully the next post will be a bit more substantive. If you’re in the mood for the less substantive, and lots of photos, I’ll be posting stuff on my Tumblr page.

In the meantime, I’d like to point out (to those who don’t know already) that Kid Cudi is a king. He has a lot of great songs, about many different things that go on in life. From your inner battle, to feelings of loneliness and solitude, and the obligatory rap song about sex – I think he’s covered all of it.

For my current state of mind, I think I’ll bring back an old one (with a really funny music video. It’s McLovin’!!! And the lyrics are good, until Kanye gets in there. Bleh.)

Other cool tunes:

“I mean I did, but fuck it.”

“My mind runs, I can never catch it”

“It’s bigger than you, man”

and this is just funny