54 hours until my flight to New York City!

The excitement has definitely grown this week. I have:

1) sold my car,
2) [half] packed,
3) given some stuff to Goodwill,
4) said many farewells,
5) visited some of my favorite places in LA, and
6) visited San Diego!

The San Breezy trip deserves a post in and of itself. It rained!!! All day… No sunset cliffs or beachside strolls, BUT Kevin and I hit the trifecta of food:

1) Had a Monterey Pizza at Pizza Port in Solana Beach.
2) Gobbled down my favorite burrito – the Surf ‘n Turf from Lucha Libre.
3) Enjoyed my favorite ribs of all time – Phil’s BBQ.

We also definitely visited La Jolla Cove despite the rain. Though, “we” is a bit generous – I took in the cove in the rain, while Kevin slept in the car…

We also went to Birdrock Cafe right by the beach, and decided to venture out on the rocks to the water. Getting wet from the rain and the sea was actually quite fun đŸ™‚



It’s going to be a fantastic rest of the year.

And now this:

“Hey, shut up about your catering business!”


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