Edge of Eternity

I know I still haven’t gotten to the writing, but I hope for now you won’t hate me if I just share little pieces of my life.

1) The work digs.

photo 3

Now, xAd requires a selfie for the website. This isn’t the one I used, but it makes me feel like less of an asshole for this drunken office selfie here. Laugh. See if I care!!!!

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

Honestly, I can’t complain. Sure, I stay late sometimes. Mostly it’s because I just want to learn. The people are great, and the work is fun. So much free food and anything else you really want during a given weekday (or weekend if you fancy coming in and getting a beer!) My day goes like this:

I wake up.

I go on a run.

I get some Stumptown coffee across the street.

I have breakfast.

I bike either to work or to the L train, depending on my mood.

I take the ‘burg bridge to LES and all the way up to 401 Park Avenue South and then I work!! or…

I take the L to the Uptown 6 and then I work!

That’s about the only part of my day that’s fixed. The rest is really anyone’s guess 🙂

2) Ok, so this might be a bit mean, but this guy was definitely somehow asking for it.

Seen on the L train (at 430 AM):

photo 4

3) And now, for the big news. I’ve been awaiting this day for 2 years. And it’s HEEEERRREEEEEE!!!! I really hope it’s good.

photo 1

Century Trilogy nearly complete.

That’s about it for today.

P.S.: it rained this morning and it was glorious. Autumn!!!!


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